July 19th
written by Bullet-Point Ben
  • Red Badge(s) of Courage:
  • This happened in one of the easiest sections of the Rock Garden at Table Rock.
  • The biggest danger in mountain biking is going too slow.  Or too fast.
  • (I prefer Red Raspberry of Courage, but calling it that assumes everyone has heard of the book the Red Badge of Courage – or at least the term itself – and no one has.  Plot summary – Civil War boy soldier is wounded in a cowardly fashion, everyone thinks he must be very brave because of his injury and this shames him into actually becoming very courageous)

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  1. Mom Albertus

    Ouch!! You must have taken quite a tumble! You’ll have to fill us in on all the details when you come out in August. In the mean time – you better be careful or you won’t be able to go knee boarding at Rutgers!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!