July 9th
written by Bullet-Point Ben
  • Sunday July 6th
  • Elk Meadows / Deer Point Trail at Bogus Basin Ski Resort near Boise ID
  • Approx 7 miles, probably 1K elevation gain.  Well maintained (new) trails, except 92/Shindig, which was a bit more of an adventure.
  • Several Trail markers were missing or mislabeled.  This is common on mountain biking trails and is “part of the fun”.  A wrong turn here means hours of suffering and the possibility of never finding your way back to civilization:
  • Alonna hikes back from taking the wrong turn:
  • Varied and interesting wildflowers everywhere:
  • Also lots of butterflies and bumble bees (not pictured).
  • Never really saw any people, except for two bikers headed the wrong way at the aforementioned fork in the trail.
  • Not much shade, probably because we were criss-crossing ski runs.
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