June 12th
written by Alonna

Last weekend I played in a soccer tournament in Boise. My team is the Royal Bombers and we’ve been playing together for about 4 years. We play outdoor soccer in the Fall and Spring, and indoor soccer during the winter.   We’re in Division 1 of the Southern Idaho Soccer League (there are 3 divisions, we’re in the middle but are moving up next year).  The playoffs for our division ended in a 3-way tie, so to make it to the championship game we had to do a 3-way shoot-out (penalty kicks). We had 6 people take penalty kicks before we won the shoot-out, and I was one of them – and I made it!  Then we went on to win the division title in the championship game.  It was a fun weekend, but 4 games in 2 days is completely exhausting!



  1. Mom Albertus

    Hey Congradulations!!! That’s pretty cool you won the soccer tourney!! Good job kicking in a goal during the shoot out. Wish I could have been there to watch (or should I say visit with the other spectators)…I sorta forgot all about your web site and haven’t looked at it for ages. I really like it and wanted to look at the pictures from Kitty Hawk, but couldn’t figure out how to get to them. I guess I need a little “in service”. Keep on having fun!

  2. 06/17/2008

    Thanks! Our whole team was pretty nervous during the shoot-out, hearts pounding and everything. But it was really fun and we cheered loudly when we won.

    Oops, the photo albums were broken. I’ve fixed it – go to the Kitty Hawk page now and you should be able to see the photos. Thanks for letting me know!