May 7th
written by Alonna

Finally I have our new website in a good enough state to upload.  I moved the old wedding website to because I just couldn’t get myself to part with it yet!  Plus all the wedding photos are still there, which I will never get tired of looking at 🙂  I’m not sure how much Ben and I will get into the blogging thing… but at least we can write some things about our trips.  Someday I might try to add some more photos and blogs for our past trips.

We leave for Peru in only 5 days now!  This weekend we spent trying to pack and get all of our information organized.  I couldn’t resist, and made a spreadsheet with our itinerary and all the details.  I think next I’ll try to compile a list of recommended restaurants and places to visit.  Tripadvisor has definitely been my friend for this trip, I have gotten tons of advice and even made a couple friends that I will be meeting up with in Peru.


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